Industrial Management Recruiting

Industrial Management Supervisors make sure that equipment and employees are producing the product on time and on budget. They also set financial and production-related goals for the company. Managerial duties vary by plant, but many major responsibilities are the same, including production scheduling, staffing, procuring and maintaining equipment, overseeing quality and inventory control, and coordinating production activities among departments. Titles include Production Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, Warehouse Supervisor, CNC Shop Supervisor, Operations Supervisor, and more.

Supervisors need to stay abreast of the latest production technologies and management practices. Some complete certification programs for various quality and management systems and many belong to associations and attend trade shows. Job prospects will be brightest for candidates with a college degree in management, industrial engineering, or business administration, and especially for applicants with an undergraduate degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration or industrial management.

The Select Advantage Difference

Industrial management jobs now require a deep understanding of the industry’s evolution plus a keen insight into the future of the global economy. Select Advantage
has over 30 years of experience in the Minneapolis, Minnesota and Chicagoland, Illinois areas, and we appreciate regional nuances and global trends. We work with knowledge, speed, and discretion to help companies fill critical industrial management jobs.

We work closely with candidates across the industry to help match talented professionals and successful businesses, building long-term relationships and lasting success. Whatever your manufacturing needs may be – from supply chain and engineering to production and distribution — our expert industry recruiters can help you achieve them. Contact one of our seasoned business development specialists today to Quality Assurance opportunities.

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